Back in Time | Hoop Mounted Cymbals

As a drum historian, Kelli has been collecting vintage and antique drum equipment, method books, photographs, and literature, creating a fine collection of resource material for a deeper understanding of the role her peers from 100 years ago played in the development of the drum set and how those innovations shaped the music we all listen to today.  To help document her research, she has created a series of videos that address specific historical drum equipment.

In a fast-paced, history-rich series of short videos entitled "Back in Time," Kelli captures the highlights of the musical world drummers were involved in, the settings that these musicians played, and the instruments on which they performed. 

Each of the following videos are closed captioned in English and the "Hoop Mounted Cymbals" episode is also subtitled in Italian.


Back in Time | Chinese Cymbals
Revival | 1892 Max Meyer Snare
Back in Time | The Lowboy
Back in Time | Woodblock
Revival | Early 1900s Gong Bass
Back in Time | Charleston Pedal
Back in Time | Cowbell

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Back in Time | Pedal Cymbals

Kelli Rae Tubbs

Back in Time | The Lowboy