Kelli Rae Tubbs


"Kelli Rae Tubbs combines her musical talents with showmanship to be a standout in “Christmas at the Smoky Mountain Opry.”

"As the original creator and producer of the production, I knew the show needed top tier talent who could outplay any musician in the audience. The orchestra needed to be able to play a wide range of music styles, such as waltz, big band, rock, country and ballad. Once those musicians were identified, we then began to exclude those who could not 'perform.' The audience pays to enjoy the show with their eyes and their ears…so musicians with panache and energy were moved to the top of the list.

"Kelli understands the importance of giving 110% to every performance and her enthusiasm is contagious. She rocks out in the hard numbers and respectfully retracts back in the somber moments. She understands the mood being communicated and translates that through her percussion, body and energy.

"If you are looking for a musician who believes the last show is equally as important as the first show, then Kelli is the right fit for you. A drama-free professional who is dependable, punctual and a positive leader".

    Robert Kalina -- Smoky Mountain Opry

"She has my complete endorsement!

"I have worked with Kelli Rae Tubbs for several years now during the Christmas season, generally two months at a time.   Her playing and interpretation of the music is truly amazing and brings the music to life.  As a Musical Director with 30 years of experience, I can tell you in no uncertain terms that she would be an asset anywhere she goes.  Besides her excellent musicianship, she is a true pro.  Always on time.  Pleasant to work with and along-side.  Always has a great attitude and a smile.  No issues wearing any costumes or taking care of other words, exactly what you wish all your employees would be.

    Johnny Hodges -- Music Director, Composer, Arranger, Trumpet Player
    Performed with The Who, Hugh Jackman, Michael Bolton, The Temptations, The Four Tops,  Jerry Lewis, Don Rickles, Joan Rivers, Martin Short, Johnny Mathis and more