August 8, 2017 -- There's still a whirlwind around me...and I love it!

At the end of June, the first two episodes from the "Revival" series of drum restorations hit YouTube and Facebook and people have really loved seeing my old drums come back to life. 

I spent some time in July learning from one of the masters of drumming -- Billy Cobham -- along with Dom Famularo and Billy's band.  That was fun!

I came home and, the next day, began teaching two weeks at the Girls Rock 'n' Roll Retreat, which is a 5-day-long day camp for girls ages 8 to 18.   That was a great experience and I met some really inspiring young musicians who wrote some terrific songs in just a few short days.

I was an impromptu guest on the "Around the Kit" podcast last Sunday, when one of the guests had to cancel last minute.  It was great fun -- especially when I learned that the iconic drummer/producer Kenny Aronoff was also a part of the second segment with me -- THAT ROCKED!!  Joe Gansas, the host, asks some very unique questions of his's not just gear-minded conversation and it was fun learning that Kenny Aronoff and I have a common acquaintance in one of my musical heroes -- Dominic Spera.  I was honored to help Joe out last-minute.  I'll be writing for his website, located at talking the historical world of percussion starting this month.

In the coming weeks, look for more videos to appear on YouTube...this time with a VERY special guest!  Nope...I can't tell you who it is just yet, but let's say if you're a drummer you definitely know his name!

We'll talk again soon!


June 23, 2017 -- The past few months have felt like a whirlwind.  You know, there's a difference between crazy busy and overwhelmed busy.  The past few months have been different, somehow.  I've been traveling to Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, and have a few more trips before the end of July...all for the greatest musical adventures anyone could want.

The first eight videos in the "Back in Time" series that takes a look at historical drumming topics have been posted on my YouTube channel, which was officially launched on March 30, 2017.  (You can also find links on this website on the "Videos" tab.)  I'm working with some HUGE names on grant research projects, presenting clinics to high school students in world percussion, early jazz drum sets and styles, and mallet percussion and improvisation, as well as writing more these days.  So let me tell you what I've got going on!

I'm finishing up the last two videos with Northome Films, bringing the new total to 10 videos.  These last two have a different look about them, since they speak to the renovation of vintage drums in my collection.

My travels for the year aren't done.  In November, a tour de force with Daniel Glass, Dr. Denny Brown, Nicholas White, and myself are taking over PASIC!  Look for details soon!

And...I'm waiting for an official announcement before I can tell you the latest'll be announced this Sunday, so come back to the website to read all about it next week!


April 2, 2017 -- I'd like to say "thanks" to everyone who has visited this website.   I hope that before you click to another website, you will have learned a little about drumming and its place in America's musical heritage... and maybe a little about me, too.

You've probably guessed that I truly love having the opportunity to do the musical things I do.  Lately, it feels like every time I turn around, some new and fantastic opportunity is headed in my direction.

It's true.  For the past 2 years, I have been saying "yes" to EVERY opportunity that comes my way.  In most cases, they are experiences the likes of which I have never attempted.  For some, I was shown the pathway to walk and for others I had to find one myself...for example, when I was asked to judge a contest and had never been on a judging panel before.  Believe it or not, I took lessons on how to be a judge.  I've got to say,  I had a blast!

But it's not just my inaugural attempt at being a judge.  I've been taking drum lessons and learning new styles of playing.  I've been a guest on two radio programs and a podcast and I've been interviewed by some of the best.  Yeah, that's right.  Me.  I never imagined that would happen.

I've traveled all over the United States with opportunities to learn, to perform, and to give presentations on all of the amazing things that have entered my life.  Yep, you guessed it...all my saying "yes."

More important than the adventures I've had is what I have learned in the process.  I learned that people love seeing people believing in themselves and taking a chance.  People love to see other people doing things and, more importantly, finishing things and they like seeing the final product.  They love that they themselves can become inspired enough to say "yes" to the opportunities in their own lives.

So I hope that is what you will do.  Say "yes" to something you've never done.  Even if it's a small something, it will lead to something down the road that you never expected.  I never dreamed that saying "yes" to the thought of applying for a grant  would lead to the opportunity to write magazine articles, to co-author a book, to create a video series, or to become friends with people whose albums I bought 30 years ago.  

But that is exactly what has happened.  I wouldn't believe it myself if it wasn't happening to me.

So say "yes."  Just say "yes" to one little thing.  It will be good for you.

Kelli Rae Tubbs